We remain true to our founding values of quality, integrity, and hard work. As a premier construction company in Northeast Tennessee, Preston Construction is committed to providing value-added services to our clients.

Building with integrity since 1967.

We take pride in our work and provide the highest standards of craftsmanship so our clients have products that last for generations to come. We believe in staying on the cutting edge of building trends and remaining detail-oriented from start to finish on every project. We are grateful for the many quality construction clients we’ve worked with, from local schools and businesses to institutions and governments.



We believe in providing a caring environment for our work family, and we strive to extend this care to our subcontractors, architects, clients, and partners. To us, these long-term relationships are just as important as the finished product.

We want to build a stronger community.

Johnson City is, and always will be, our home. Being a supportive and active member of our community is a priority, and we are committed to strengthening friendships, serving others, and investing in our region.  



Our company was founded on quality, integrity, and hard work, and today we operate with those same values and guiding principles.
We strive to put the Lord first, our families second, and our business third.
— Richard Preston, President

We seek to honor God in our resources, the way we perform our work, and the manner in which we interact with our employees and partners. We want each person to know we care about them - not just during the workweek - but long after a project is finished.


50 Years of Building, Impacting, and Honoring

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